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Advances in Neurostimulation in Aging: From Basic Science to Clinical Applications

The scope of this Special Issue encompasses a broad range of topics from basic science to clinical medicine, including animal models of aging, translational research, computational neuroscience models and personalized treatments. Our goal is to advance our understanding of the biophysical aspects and physiological mechanisms underlying the effects of neurostimulation in aging and its potential for improving both healthy and pathological brain aging. Read more HERE


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Tissue from NIA's Nonhuman Primate Tissue Bank is available at no cost to the investigators to conduct aging research studies funded by the NIH, other DHHS organizations, U.S. government agencies outside the NIH and U. S. non-profit organizations. Studies conducted at for-profit entities are not eligible unless they are funded through the U.S. Governments Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer programs. The project name and funding source must accompany all orders. The NIA will not be able to ship non-human primate tissue outside of the United States or US territories.

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