Availability of naked mole-rats for your research

The San Antonio Nathan Shock Center can supply these animals and their tissues at no cost to qualified researchers. Contact Dr. Adam Salmon for details (



The NIA Summer Training Course in Experimental Aging Research is scheduled for August 30th- September 4th 2021 at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA. For more information and to apply see the attached flyerDEADLINE EXTENDED to June 18, 2021.



AGE is pleased to announce the 2020 Denham Harman Research Award winner is Rochelle Buffenstein, PhD, Senior Principal Investigator at Calico.


AGE is pleased to announce the AFAR Grantees for 2020 





AGE representation at FASEB

Mark McCormick, Science Research Conferences Advisory Committee

George Sutphin, Publications and Communications Committee

Sreemathi Logan, Excellence in Science Award Committee

Holly Brown-Borg, Board of Directors

Kevin Perrott, Science Policy Committee

Catherine Hornsby, EOAC

AGE, a member of FASEB since 2016

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Let us Celebrate with You!

Please send us any updates that you have received over the year! Publications, awards, promotions, presentations, etc.


Celebrate Black History Month

“Fostering Diversity and Inclusion”

Please take a moment to visit sites below to learn more about opportunities

NIH-Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
NIH-NIA Butler Williams Scholars Program
The Diversity in Aging Research Pipeline Program (DARPP)
Nathan Shock Centers of Excellence

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